Say hi to BlinkLink, the newest program to experiment with temporal social media.

Via Clay Allsopp, who released the program in late July:

Last week, I released this thing called BlinkLink. It’s mostly a social experiment to see how (well, if) people would use disappearing content on the web. The obvious inspiration is Snapchat, with a twist: you can choose to make your content “un-disappear” if someone tweets it.

The potential usefulness of BlinkLink is still an open question, writes Co.Design’s Mark Wilson:

Like any social-networking tool, it’s hard to predict how well BlinkLink could catch on. After an initial release that found a lot of uptake by marketers teasing new products (which is a great use case for sure), activity plummeted. But that’s okay. For Allsopp, BlinkLink is just a hobby outside his work on Propeller. It’s less his ticket to big VC bucks than it is a means for him to explore the psychology of the internet, and specifically the FOMO (fear of missing out) that drives us to refresh Facebook feeds in a relative depression.

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FJP: I experimented with the tool and created my own BlinkLink, which is linked above. (Spoiler alert: it’s a painfully cute picture of my cat.) — Shining

A SnapChat for Links: BlinkLink Creates Disappearing Content